02. August 2019
Results of the CQWW 160 Contests 2019 are out. We are extremly happy with the 4th place (WW) in the SSB part and an 8th place in the CW part.
27. Mai 2019
24. Mai 2019
Die Resultate des Hevetia Contest 2019 sind online.
03. Mai 2019
HB7X is the call that we can now use in contests
28. April 2019
HELVETIA Summary Sheet Start Date : 2019-04-20 CallSign Used : HB9CA Operator(s) : HB9BGV, HB9CAT, HB9CEX, HB9FMU, HB9DDO, HB9GIV, HB9EXQ Operator Category : MULTI-OP Mode : MIXED+DIG Claimed Score : 1'227'689
19. März 2019
Claimed Score: 8'693'475
06. Februar 2019
Comments from Marco, HB9CAT: based on last year's experience we knew RX had to be improved, we did 2 things: extend NW and NE beverages to 400m and 300m respectively RX on the K3's in diversity mode, Beverage + HiZ 8 square No changes on the TX side, the 22m Momobeam vertical is still doing great with 80 radials. After a relatively slow start we realized that we were doing better than many equivalent EU stations and started ramping up the online ranking. Highlight was the 2nd night with 150 NA...
06. Februar 2019
Nach Problemen mit der bisherigen Site ist HB9CA nun zurück im Web :-)